The primary objective is to develop a training program for the 2nd Cycle on design – the Master 3D, very innovative within the framework of Tunisian higher education, by involving the most important training institutions of Tunisia in this sector.

Recently in Tunisia, first Cycle courses on design were developed – space, industrial, artisanal, image – (Tunis and Sousse) but there is no training program path dedicated to design for the sustainable development of the territories. This represents a very strong topic for a nation – like Tunisia – where it is very important to combine tradition and innovation (also in artisan production), reflection and repossession of cultural identity and openness to modernity, conservation of heritage and development (one thinks of historical and touristic sites) with a perspective of sustainability.

The first edition of the course takes place in Tunis.

To reach this goal, concrete actions were envisioned:

  • Intensive training of the trainers, being the professors already active at the partner universities;
  • Design, in terms of training and the technical-organizational view, of the Master 3D and the launch of the second cycle of the Master’s program.
  • The adoption of a consolidated scientific methodology that includes a multidisciplinary approach, suitable to training activities alongside a participatory approach with the artisans and local producers;
  • The coordination with the public and private institutions (businesses, ministries, regional administrations) in question.